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.ECO - the domain to promote positive changes for the planet

Did you know that from 2017 you are able to register your domain name as ‘.eco’?

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‘.eco’ is a top level domain for businesses and organisations committed to make positive changes for the planet.

To register your ‘.eco’ domain your business needs to respect the criteria below:

1.Not-for-profit organisations that work for the good of the planet.

2. Businesses committed to providing products and services that encourage positive environmental change.

3. Government bodies that support sustainability.

4. People who participate in and support environmental change through membership, financial support or donating their time, as well as environmental professionals who contribute to positive environmental change through their work.

5. Farms and other producers of agricultural products that achieve EU organic production and labelling standards.

After purchasing your ‘.eco’ domain you will declare how your business or organisation is supporting the environment and you will be able to create your ‘.eco’ profile with the possibility of sharing your certifications, memberships and plans you have for future actions.

Once your ‘.eco’ profile is completed you are able to use your domain name.

You’ll also receive a trust mark, similar to social media icons, that links to your ‘.eco’ profile and affirms you are a legitimate ‘.eco’ community member.

In addition, your business will be part of the eco.sysyem, a searchable directory of businesses, organisations and people committed to positive change for the planet. Here you are able to browse all organisations that put the environment as a priority in their business.

Would you change your domain to ‘.eco’?